going going/ coming

from by Miah Luz

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you said it would be ok
you said it would be alright
so I’ve gone to the butcher today
invested in meats of every kind
temptation pushes down my throat
smoke and sugar glaze seem so sweet
hams and salamis make me strong
just don’t think about where they come from

so I’m taking it down to the ground floor
back to the back door
where you and your family won’t hear loud sounds of a queer
fighting to push his way into a hole

when I step into my car
and drive far, far to foreplay
through forests the blackness pushes madness between your thighs
and it never lies

he’s got a Benz
he has friends
he’ll assist you to the end
that guy knows how to speak
has big feet, silk sheets
a man’s got needs
and I need meat

herbivore, carnivore, omnivorous
we are poor unfortunate souls
down to the holes in our pants
holding hands tight like crying girl about to birth the world
the christ without a midwife

see jesus strung out on the cross
see me strung up with the wash
they’re the same catastrophic play
we both want to be lain in the ground
unfounded worth
to choose our own birth
and to eat meat

a girl works hard for her money
so hard, but I do it for free
I’m so hard and I do it for free
come to the yard, it’s free
a strict diet suits the life of a housewife
but a man’s gotta keep his rights
so output must exceed input
there is such a thing as being too tight

you said it would be ok
you said it would be alright
so I’ve gone to the cemetery today
invested in graves of every kind
so many people pushing down my throat and
so many people dying to get in and
I’m digging an early grave
going, going, coming faster than you can

holy fire, rain down on me
holy water, rain down on me


from THE COMING LP, released February 16, 2014



all rights reserved


Miah Luz Vancouver, British Columbia

jeremy lee harris makes queer optimistic doom & gloom, composing from the crossroads of the mundane with the sacred & profane.

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